She became a surrogate mother in exchange for over a million yuan.

As the esteemed CEO of the most powerful Empire in the capital, he holds absolute power, while she is just an adopted daughter to a family of lowly status. She agreed to bear him his offspring, simply because her adoptive fathers business was failing.

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaires Sweet Love Volume 1

39 Applying for the Position of an Artiste Assistan

54 The First Conversation between Father and Son

70 This score needs to be settled sooner or later.

One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaires Sweet Love Volume 2

89 The Hidden Rules in the Entertainment Industry

133 Do you think I am lacking that one billion?

144 True love can only come with a true heart.

192 Self-inflicted punishment deserves death.

241 Exposed for Making Use of the Unspoken Roles

310 You two do not know how to treasure the given chance.

322 A Pitiful Person Surely Has Something Hateful to Them

370 I do not want breakfast; I want to eat you.

396 I am the lead and you are only a minor cast 1

397 I am the lead and you are only a minor cast 2

398 I am the lead and you are only a minor cast 3

443 Making up for the Lack of Intelligence with Heigh

470 Do you not know that Little Yichen was in danger?

533 Send a Team of Bodyguards to Follow the Crew

544 I will be the Young Mistress Mu if I am married.

585 Im Giving You Three Seconds to Come Here!

587 She Did Not Wish for Both Sides to Suffer

593 Believe it or not, I will tear him apart.

596 Since she wants, he will give her a home.

598 You Are Squeamish about Cleanliness, and I Am Too!

600 Have you said these words to Mu Wanrou as well?

602 Youyou may be unimpressed with a mere Mu family.

608 The Mu family will be nothing without me.

650 I have known about it for seven years now.

675 Can she even compete with me in terms of background?

679 Afraid that Yan Bingqing Will Take Revenge on You

681 With mommy missing, a day drags past like a year.

698 Cannot keep it under wraps for much longer.

736 I am relying on others to bully the weak.

737 I pamper her; what is your problem with that?

757 Only the little lotus reveals a sharp end.

778 I am sure that I can recognize the real princess.

788 Touch the Dragons Reverse Scale and Incur Its Wrath

791 Acceptance does not represent acknowledgment!

801 Lu Jingtian Parachuting into the Production Team

803 Gu Xingzes female partner was supposed to be her.

804 There are no true friends in this industry.

827 The chief police officer leads a unit in person!

840 She will be the Mu familys young mistress!

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