I desperately need some serious bucks to save my sisters life. I was working late at the office when I happened to overhear an executive talking to his publicist about needing a fake wife to clean up his image. I decided I would be perfect for the job. But I almost lost my nerve when he mistakenly thought I was the cleaning lady. No matter. I have to do this for my sister, to get her the help she needs. So I boldly asked for the position of new wife. I almost died of embarrassment when I found out he was the new CEO of the company. S**t! Did I just proposition my billionaire playboy boss? And did he just tell me no?

Luke:I desperately need a fake wife to clean up my image. I was intrigued by the sassy secretary who walked into my office after eavesdropping on my conversation. But I cant date an employee. It just wouldnt be right. Besides, money can hire me an actress or a trophy wife at the drop of a dime. The only thing is, I cant stop thinking about Paige. So I changed my mind, asked her if she would take the job, and she told me no. No woman has ever told me no. Im determined to change her mind. I know she wants me. I can tell by the subtle bursts of affection she gives melike a simple swipe of the arm, our flirty conversations, her bashful smile, or our lingering hugs. I was definitely intrigued. Was that little spark turning into something more? I know one thing, Im not giving up until shes in my bed where she belongs.

Enjoyed the book but ended on a to be continued.

I love the story very quirky cute a little sad but funny. I have to say is very well written I love the characters I love the storyline very nicely done.