is a 2003television moviestarringMarissa Jaret Winokur. The film was directed byDouglas Barrfor theABC Familynetwork.

Marissa Jaret Winokur plays Becca Wasserman, a young woman recently engaged to a young man, Adam Lopez (Mark Consuelos). Hoping to improve their modest honeymoon plans, Becca seeks the vacation prize offered in a localbeauty pageant. Charming and buoyant, Becca enters herself confidently, over the objections of her embarrassed mother (Fran Drescher) who believes that her daughtersplus-size formwill be ridiculed. Becca rejects the criticism and becomes determined to win.12

Overcoming all expectations, Becca becomes MissSquirrel Hill. The flush of success drives her to compete in other, larger pageants in the city, and she announces ambitious plans for the future. Her fianc is supportive at first, but he becomes quickly dismayed by her aggressive efforts to win. As Becca struggles to advance in the pageant circuit, she appears to change for the worse in many ways, before finally recapturing her original good nature andjoie de vivre.12

Amanda BrugelBarbara RadeckiClare StoneCharlotte SullivanBarbara MamaboloBrooke DOrsay; Joyce Gordon; Stephanie Belding; Jordan Madley; Lesley Faulkner; Mark Leone

The film is set inPittsburghbut was filmed inToronto.2

Stanley, Alessandra(October 18, 2003).Aging Swan, Young Duck And, Oh, Hello, Mr. Chips.

Owen, Rob(October 16, 2003).Tuned In: Beautiful Girl is set in a beautiful city.

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