Hi there! An awesome woman here on chat looking for honest guy

Im serious and faithful to the one I loved.

Life is what we make it.Looking a good husband

Looking for my partner to share our love for the rest of our lives.

Fall in love with the CREATOR before you fall in love with his CREATION

Be with a man who has nothing, but never tired in showing his best

A real woman looking for the right one true love

Believe that somewhere somewhat there will be someone meant for you

Looking for a man that will take care of me proud to be with.

If the luck is not yours it doesnt really yours. But Ive always try my best.

True happiness is having someone you can open your soul to without the fear o…

Did you hear that superheroes are real? They are called singlemom 🙂

R U THERE??? Searching for a good friend or maybe more than friends

Im a humble girl wanting a man who I can be alone with

aNyOne cAn cAtch yOur eye,bUt it tAkes sOmEone spEcial tO cAtcH yOur hEart…

Sometimes you need bad things to happen to inspire you to change and grow.

Why are you doing this to me?

haie my friend..i like 2 meet a guy with a good heart and loving,understandi…

Looking for a serious longer relationship with the serius man

Im looking for a husband at the same time business partner

ive learned to love my self more and its more fun

i Looking for the true and respect me with seriousness. 🙂

Chubby with curves at the same time Im funny.

Im honest, loyal, caring, I like a person have worry also for my kids

All I want is a man that truly love me for who iam❤

Im not beautiful but u can trust me as a person.black is beautiful

Hi Im Mariarose Fuentes from Philippines if you want to know more about me ju…

I am what i am….idont need to be perpect all i want is trust,, loyalty and …