So I spend more money on more beautiful women when I date them?

Yes and no. Its not wrong because you should spend the most money on someone who you truly value.

Its wrong because youre valuing the girls more and less by their appearance.

I said its not wrong because all of those girls arent the girls youre with and Im guessing going to end up with but you so it doesnt really matter but when that girl does come you should value her for more than just her beauty.

Society disagrees with that because society tends to value women only based on their beauty.

Okay and if I were to agree with you either you mist be pretty wealthy or pretty attractive to get these attractive girls or other wise you could only get the girls that are up to your level… Do you agree?

yes, I agree and the thing is I am. I am not mega rich but I make around 85k

Oh okay well yeah its your cash and your life live it how you want to.

so you wouldnt date a man wit money, power, and good looks?

Yes if I actually liked him. Good looks arent everything.

I already wouldnt just date him for the money or his position. His appearance would be a starter but if hes a jackass or we dont see eye to eye I couldnt be with him. And especially if he had other girls on the side I wouldnt just date him for the money.

yes!!! For some reason it always ends up happening!!! I think this is usual though

Why would you date someone you dont enjoy spoiling? I just cant relate. If I ask someone out Im going to try and do the best I can. I just have a threshold of girls I find attractive and girls I dont find attractive. Youre either in one or the other. From there its about personality so I dont know how Id consciously spoil one girlfriend more than I would have a previous one.

It is not wrong, but you are just gonna hurt yourself financially in the long run, if you keep doing this.

Possibly stupid/ineffective/a waste, but not morally wrong.

Its your money, no ones being hurt, no laws broken, you can spend it as you like.

Not morally wrong. It just seems like youre going to end up inviting gold diggers into your life.

no why would it be morally wrong? this has nothing to do with morals anyways

Wrong, I cant say that. But its rather stupid.

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