Its Saturday night and I have nobody to take me out

Is it really true thatbeautiful girls cant get a date? Or is it by choice? Marriage and divorce are a booming industry obviously some people are hooking up, while others cant wait to get away. Does this mean there is an influx of potential dates out there or have people given up, preferring the comfort of their couch and tube on a Saturday night?

Is it just too damn hard to get a decent date these days? Youd think not. I have my doubts, as do many other men and women out there who just cant seem to find what they are looking for.

When did getting, finding, locking in a date become so perilously difficult? There are so many options out there but the truth is, its work. And if you already work, its just more work. Who wants to work, work, work? Alas, perhaps you do the work to no avail. How does that make you feel? We know how it feelsdateless, week after week, month after month, when it seems, all around you love is in the air. What the heck is going on?

Maybebeautiful girls cant get a date but at least you have company. You cancreate a diary onlineand get it off your chest like me.

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