How can a girl that is SUPER SKINNY aka unhealthy be beautiful WHEN SHES going to look like a fucking skeleton? shes not going to have an ounce of fat on her face e LOLOL

At least if its a girl is chubby her face can/will look healthy so maybe just maybe Id be able to call her beautiful even though shes unhealthy I guess also

Hope that made sense and if it didnt well it sounded good.

If she really is that skinny… Im going to assume she dont eat supper at all.

@GirlsEatGirls I was totally kidding… lol She misspelled super … I couldnt help myself.

A lot of them could, just like they could date a girl with a little extra on her, it doesnt matter to some guys that much. She should be more concerned with why she is super skinny though and with getting herself healthy, over if a guy would date her or not honestly.

I could date ANY super skinny girl, but now Im taken! So now cant!

Also , if youre not a foodie eater we probably wont get along too well lol

Of course but she doesnt need to be super skinny to be beautiful.

Very skinny? Like unhealthy skinny? Id say, she better get some professional help. Then we can talk.

Of course! Who would have a problem wiht this?

probably, I dont know.. I have to meet her and get to know her…

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