Highest Rank 1 (4/9/17) Why do you want me to stay here? I asked. Because I think you are beautiful and I would like a woman like yourself by my side. Jasper said. Im really sorry, I cant stay here. You have already done enough for me. His…


I needed to test a theory, and what better way to do that than wear a short dress that could possibly get Jasper mad. Short dresses had always made him turn into a complete lunatic. I still remember that one evening almost ages ago when I wore this cute silver dress that was a few inches above my knees and rode up to my mid-thigh when I sat down. That evening would be chalked up as one of the worst evenings of my life.

Today, I decided Id see if Jasper had really changed and chose a maroon knitted dress that was short enough with black stockings and boots. It wasnt too dressy and appeared classy as well as casual. Since Id just showered, I let my hair loose in natural curls, applied a harlot matte lipstick and knew I looked fan-fucking-tastic. Totally rebellious, according to Chloe who was still my friend after all these years.

I had a hard time finding a babysitter because I hardly trusted anyone these days. High school girls were completely off-limits after all the Babysitter horror stories that Id read about in the newspapers. I knew Vincent wouldve been more than glad to help me but I didnt want to bother him. In the end, Paul had volunteered. Sweet and understanding Paul whod been pinning on me since the day Id met him but eventually gave up when Jasper turned up in our lives. Paul was a nice guy, but I had too much baggage to even consider dating him. When he said he would look after the kids for the evening, I jumped at the suggestion.

At exactly seven-thirty I saw Jaspers car pull up in the driveway. I decided to wait just to annoy him. I waited for about twenty minutes inside the house before walking out towards his car. The familiar whiff of his cologne assaulted my nostrils and a wave of sadness overcame me as I remembered all the horrible memories from the past.

Ive probably said this a dozen times but you look beautiful, just absolutely stunning. He complimented me and probably realized something was off. Whats wrong?

I glanced at him. Jasper seemed so normal; he had taken an initiative of not dressing up like a wealthy, showing-off asshole. A Ralph Lauren t-shirt over denim jeans, I wondered if hed gotten rid of all those posh suites. His icy-blue eyes were still watching me, waiting for an answer.

I dont like your perfume, the one youre wearing right now. It.. Id decided to be honest this time. As honest as I could be and I didnt care if I was going to hurt his feelings. It makes me sick.

Understanding dawned his expressions. I promise you, I wont use it again. His eyes raked over my thighs, I pulled at the dress reflexively. Dont you think youll feel cold?

No. Ill be fine. So, where are we going? I changed the subject.

Do you have anything in mind? He asked.

Jasper was never the asking type. He was more of a pushy guy who always liked to push his preferences on others so this was a first.

We were parked outside a movie theatre, and I was choosing a movie while he bought us popcorn and drinks. I choose a horror movie because I knew he hated watching romance movies and we were running out of options.

He handed me a large bucket of popcorn and I laughed. Are you serious? I asked while we tried to locate our seats in the dark.