Colombia is a land of strikingly gorgeous ladies. If you are planning to date hot, then you should read this article. We have listed out dos and donts while dating Colombian beauties.

Average Colombian girl looks better than average American girl but doesnt go only for the looks. You should go for the girl who is smart and educated. If you are searching for Colombian bride, then this should be your top priority while searching for wives.  So be smart and dont go for only hotness rather than go for the girl who is intelligent, caring and beautiful otherwise you will end up paying credit card bills only.

If you dont know how to dance? Then go and learn first. It is the best way to impress a girl. If you are good at salsa, then the sky is the limit my boy.  But dont you worry if dont know anything about it. Learn the basics of Salsa and hit the floor with full confidence. It doesnt matter how good dancer you are as long as you move along with her on the dance floor.  And most important dont stick to the table, just go on the floor and shake your legs with the lady.

Just enjoy the dance and good time. Dont try to talk much as music will be loud and you end up with broken conversation. It is better you enjoy her company and passionate dance. You have all the time to discuss what you like and what you dont like.

You can say Aguardiente is a national drink of Colombia. Aguardiente means warm water; it is nothing but alcohol made from sugarcane.  It is strong drink and if you are not comfortable with strong alcoholic beverages then dont go for more than two shots, or you will end up on the floor. It may happen that your girl is enjoying Aguardiente, so give her a company but set your limits.

Be respectful and say pleasant things about her beauty and personality. Moreover, tell her how beautiful person she is. But dont overdo it otherwise you will leave a wrong impression. Also, crack some cute jokes, your half work is done if she laughs at your jokes.

You should dress well while meeting your girl. Dont go in your shorts, go with the clean shave and wear fabulous shoes. Also, dont forget to get a shower, people in Columbia take a bath twice a day.

If you fall in love while dating Colombian women, then be ready to meet her family. Colombian people have a big family Just likeArmenianand if you have plans for marriage then to get prepared to meet friends and relatives.

Sofia Vergara is Colombian American actress and model. She got a perfect curvy body which turns on everyone. Sofia has done the number of successful TV shows in America, and currently, she is Top Earning actress on US Television.

Elizabeth Loaiza is a Colombian model, beauty pageant winner, and helicopter pilot. You wont find some many qualities in a single person. Apart from that, she is incredibly gorgeous and physically fit. Her Instagram account is full of her hot photos. If you want to date Hottest Colombian women, then she is the one for you.

Carmen Villalobos is amost popular Colombian actress. She is a very talented actress and most recognized for her active roles in her movies. Carmen was also included in thelist of 50 most beautiful people.

Veronica is Colombian singer and actress. She is famous for her singing and killer looks. She got perfect skin and curves at right places.

Andrea Escobar is a television host, fashion model, and television actress. She is supermodel of Colombia. Andrea has appeared in videos of a global celebrity such as Pitbull, David Guetta and many more. If you are a lover of tanned skin and curly hair, then you will surely love her. she reminds me the beauty ofIranian women.

Paulina Vega is a Colombian actress, TV host, model and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Colombia in 2013 and 2014 she won Miss Universe contest. Paulina was the first Colombian in 56 years to win the Miss Universe crown.

Ximena Crdoba is successful actress and model of Colombia. She has appeared on the cover of various magazines. Ximena is perfect for you if you want to date hot and curve girl of Colombia.

Karen is model and actress and gorgeous girl. She is currently one of the successful and hottest models. She has started modeling at very young age, and today she is the dream of thousands of man.

Daniela is a perfect blend of beauty plus brain. She is a top model and extremely popular lingerie model. She also owns a hotel in her hometown. Moreover, she got perfect abs which are desired by many women.

Catalina is one of the sexiest models of Colombia. Her social media account is full of hotness. Her expression in the photos is priceless.

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