Another One Bites The Dust: 5 Remaining Single Billionaires You Might Have A Chance With

According to some in-depth research byForbes, as of March this year there were only 31 single billionaires under age 50. And Mark Zuckerbergs marriage over the weekend is just a reminder to all of the Olympic-caliber gold diggers out there that if you want to get on one of these gravy trains the time is now. Heres a look at five young billionaires who come with the least baggage.

Albert, 28, has been a billionaire ever since his father died 20 years ago. He didnt get to touch his money until his 18th birthday though, and thanks to some savvy investing by his mother he is now worth an estimated $2.2 billion. One of the most well-rounded men on the list, he went to school in Rome, has two degrees in theology and economics from the University of Edinburgh, and is a race car driver in his spare time. Hes also related to every royal family in Europe, but if youre hoping that snagging him means you get the double whammy of becoming a billionaire and a princess you are out of luck: German royal titles were abolished in 1919, so Prince is just another one of his many names, not a title. Hes also going bald. Still, he does live in a real-life castle.

OK, so maybe youd prefer to haveThe Social Networks sexier Andrew Garfield version of the 30-year-old billionaire, but the real life co-founder of Facebook has come a long way from his buttoned-up college days portrayed in the film. Now he can usually be found tearing around Singapore in a Bentley or partying at the countrys most exclusive club where he regularly gets a $1,500-a-night table and is never short of female attention. While his stake in Facebook made him a billionaire, he actually comes from a very prominent Brazilian family, and his father was rich enough to make Eduardo a kidnapping target when he was child. The biggest downside to marrying Eddy is the fact that he might not be allowed back in the U.S. again. In 2011, he renounced his American citizenship, presumably to avoid many of the taxes he would have to pay when Facebook went public. In direct response to his decision, the Senate is now considering the Ex-Patriot Act, which would ban anyone who gave up their American citizenship for tax purposes from re-entering the country.

I am pretty sure the guy in that picture is Scott Duncan. Most articles about him just have a big question mark instead of a photo. Already this makes him mysterious and exciting. There also doesnt seem to be a lot of information about Scott himself, who inherited $3.1 billion when his father died in 2010. Houston-based Dan Duncan, who made his money in natural gas pipelines, was labeled The Invisible Billionaire by a newspaper there, and his son Scott seems to be following in his low-key footsteps. So the only downside we know of to this guy is that you have to find him first. That and you may have to move to Texas.

Yes, one of those Rothschilds, Nat has the best pedigree on this list. Born into the famous banking dynasty, the 40 year old is rumored to have as much as $100 billion hidden away in various Swiss banks, although officially he is worth just south of $2 billion. Nat attended Eton and Oxford, where he was friends with the UKs current Chancellor of the Exchequer. He has spent his adult life as a board member for various companies. While he was married once, hes been divorced since 1997 and there were no children. Nat is popular with the ladies and it is rumored he has dated Natalie Portman and supermodel Petra Nemcova as well as a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Hooking up with him would not be without its downsides though, perhaps the most concerning of which is that he has a history of attending the birthday parties of dictators and their children.

Only three of the billionaires under age 50 are single women, making 38-year-old Serra even more of a catch. Serra is the third generation of the Sabanci family to be ber-rich; her grandfather went from being an orphaned cotton picker to the founder of the wealthiest business dynasty in Turkey. While her money and her job at Sibanci Holdings may be down to who her family is, Serra did graduate with honors from two different universities with degrees in economics. Her money is also not quite up to snuff with the rest of these young billionaires; worth a mere $1 billion, she fell off the billionaire list as recently as 2009. So you should probably only go for her if you think you could manage to live on $900 million. There is also a significant security risk to marrying her: Her family is so prominent in Turkey that her father wasgunned down by assassinsin his heavily guarded office in 1996.

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