known for her extensivecosmetic surgery, her catlike appearance, her 1999 divorce from billionaire businessmanAlec Wildenstein,

Jocelynnys Dayannys da Silva Bezerra Prisset was born inLausanneSwitzerlandon August 5, 1940.78Her father worked in a sporting goods store.3She began dating Cyril Piguet, a Swiss movie producer, at the age of 17.9She later lived in Paris with Italian French filmmakerSergio Gobbi.10While there, she became a skilled hunter and pilot.4

Prisset was introduced toAlec N. Wildensteinby Saudi arms dealerAdnan Khashoggiat a shooting weekend at the Wildenstein African ranch Ol Jogi.11The two were married when they were both in their 30s.9Alec Wildenstein was a member of the Wildenstein family, a wealthy family of renowned art dealers.12Together, the Wildensteins had two children.13

The Wildensteins divorce in 1999511was not amicable.14Jocelyn walked in on her husband and a 19-year-old Russian model in her bedroom at the Wildenstein New York home, and he threatened her with a gun.1516This resulted in a night in jail for Alec Wildenstein.16The presiding judge, Marilyn Diamond, received death threats in the mail during the proceedings.17During her divorce, the judge stipulated that she could not use any alimony payments for further cosmetic surgery.18Jocelyn enlisted the services ofEd Rollins1019for public relations assistance and (at various times) both Bernard Clair1020and Kenneth Godt21for legal counsel.

Wildenstein began dating fashion designer Lloyd Klein22in 2003.23Following highly publicized domestic incidents,242223the couple split in 2016.23

Wildenstein has had extensive cosmetic surgeries to her face.25Her catlike appearance2622has led media outlets to nickname her Catwoman, The Lion Queen, Tiger Icon, Fierce Legend and The Bride of Wildenstein.27

Wildenstein is known for her extravagant lifestyle. She once calculated her yearly telephone bill at $60,000 and food and wine costs at $547,000.12

Wildenstein received $2.5 billion in her divorce settlement and $100 million each year for the following 13 years.28The judge stipulated that she could not use any alimony payments for further cosmetic surgery.18

Following her divorce, Wildenstein sold the marital home in New York to real estate developer Janna Bullock for $13 million.29

In 2018, she filed for bankruptcy.30

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