dating is quite a responsible task for a man. These are self-confident, intelligent and well-bred women who demand the same features from their partners. Women here have perhaps the highest level of as living so working conditions. They earn an average 91% of a mans salary thus becoming an important link in the work field of Belgium. And if about 67 percentage of men are employed in Belgium, more than 50 percents of women have jobs here. This is quite a high statistics once again proving women are highly appreciated in this country. This also leads to more independence women practice here. Today a Belgian woman is self-assured enough to call a man to date and even pay for his dinner.

Anyway, in spite of being modern and empowered Belgian women havent stopped keeping their traditional values. One of Belgian traditional features is marrying at an early age. Females here usually marry either in their early twenties or in their late teens. Meeting a single thirty-year old woman implies she has been once married and has divorced. Yet, there are numerous couples who do not get divorced officially so that to protect their joint businesses. They can stay married in front of the law, yet lead separate lives with other partners (again modernism has its influence)!

Belgian womencan not be generalized culturally. One part of this country is Dutch speaking while the other is French speaking. Moreover, you can also meet not a large layer of German speaking population here. However, in spite of the language they speak, these women are keen on order. They love keeping everything in neat order. These women speak very politely and softly. Behaving rough is unacceptable for these females. They do require restraint and control in each of your movements. These females can never be called impulsive or passionate. Perhaps the only passion that they feel is towards order and punctuality. This is another characterizing feature they have. Once you are dating a Belgian woman, do never be late for your date. Moreover, youd better appear a bit earlier. By the way, do not forget to bring flowers with you! Belgian women do not appreciate expensive gifts considering them a threat towards their independence and self-confidence. Yet, they adore flowers. Once you have taken your places in a restaurant keep in mind to adhere to ethic rules. Eat slowly and calmly as a Belgian female expects particularly this when dining. She wants to make sure whether you are as polite when eating as when speaking.

So, for summing up characteristic features ofBelgian womenlet us enumerate them:

What concerns the appearance of a Belgian female, it is quite hard to tell general features for certain. If we can say that Asians have stereotypical brown eyes, or Germans have blonde hair we cant tell the same for Belgian people. The reason is that the area of todays Belgium was once ruled by Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, France and German. Each of them brought its ethical traits to the genealogy of Belgians. Anyway, taking into consideration this fact, we can state the main features that best describe a Belgian woman. These are the followings:

13.Claudie Lange- is a Belgian actress and model, mainly active in Italian cinema.

12Annelien Coorevits(3 December 1986) is a Belgian TV-presenter and model (Miss Belgium 2007).

11.Lara Fabian(9 January, 1970 Etterbeek, Brussels) is a BelgianCanadian singer. She has sold over 20 million records worldwide and is the best-selling Belgian female artist of all time. She was born in to a Flemish father and a Sicilian mother.

10.Marie Gillain(18 June, 1975 Liege, Belgium) is a Belgian actress.

9.Ingrid Seynhaeve(28 June 1973 Menen, Belgium) is a Belgian model.

8.Angela Schijf(7 August, 1979 Uithoorn) is a Dutch-Belgian actress.

7.Veronique De Kock(3 April 1977 in Antwerp, Belgium) is a Miss Belgium 1995. She competed at both Miss World 1995 and Miss Universe 1996. She was already a model in Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.

6.Elise Crombez(24 July 1982 in Mouscron, Belgium) is a Belgian fashion model.

5.Brigitta Callens(28 September 28, 1980 Oudenaarde, East Flanders, Belgium) is a Belgian model, yoga teacher, Miss Belgium-1999.

4.Cilou Annys(20 March 1991 Bruges, Belgium) is a Belgian model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Belgium 2010. Top 15 at Miss Universe 2010.

3.Cecile de France(17 July 1975 Namur, Belgium) is a Belgian actress.

2.Anouck Lepere(15 February 1979, Antwerp, Flanders) is a Belgian model.

1.Ellen Petri(25 May 1982 in Merksem, Antwerp) is a Belgian beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Belgium 2004. She won the Top Fashion Designer Award at the Miss World 2004 pageant. She reached third place in the Worlds Top Model.

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