Well, this Dauanis admits to being a little difficult at times.

Whether thats her personality or a womans prerogative is unknown, but supposedly what these ladys want is a real take charge guy who is a gentleman.

This is really one of the crazy things about Latinas.

As a foreign man traveling across Latin America you will constantly meet ladies that tell you that, Mexican men are beasts, Colombian men are jerks, and so on for every country on south of the mighty Rio Grande.

But the fact is that for cultural reasons they have been raised to want and except a real take charge guy. But they do NOT want to be treated like dirt.

They want a strong man who will protect them from a hostile world, but they dont want to be abused.

Usually, the firey attitude is a test, because if you dont have the mettle to overcome their resistence then you dont have cojones to protect them from the bad men.

All that aside, Dayanis is certainly one hot looking lovely, and she would make a wonderful partner in life.

Shes just 20 years old and states her job as being a promoter.

Young ladies in Havana, Cuba, are looking for long term relationships with foreign men.

Thats why youre reading this, because you are who she is looking for.

Dont undersell yourself because you might think you are too fat, too thin, balding, too old, or too shy.

These normal frailties, if the can be called that, are not an issue.

If you are loyal, loving, and really want someone like Dayanis to be part of your life forever, then you need to put away all negative thoughts and take some positive action that will eventually result in this lovely young lady, or another, being your wife.

When you chat to her, find some areas of common interest about which you can talk. A topic about which you are passionate.

Dayanis likes going to the beach, and doing that in Havana is a real pleasure with that small country having some of the worlds best beaches.

She likes cooking. For you, thats good if you like your food.

She likes camping although one cant be sure when in her life she would have experienced that. Guys love camping.

Imagine waking up to a sunrise over a lake, lying in a sleeping bag, in your tent, with Dayanis beside you. Sounds like a late start to the fishing.

She has dreams. You have dreams. Talk about them together.

What you hope to happen should your relationship heat up to the point of you traveling to meet. Find out about her country and the city of Havana.

What are the things she loves the most about her city? Promise to take her to La Bodeguita for a mojito, and to El Floridita for a delicious Daiquiri.

Learn a little Spanish so that you can at least speak the basics. Greetings and thanks and pleasantries you would normally say every day at home.

If you have been in a relationship before, you know the rules. Those same rules apply to online, long distance relationships.

Trust and communication play an important part even more when the two people are in different countries.

So, if the gorgeous Dayanis is the apple of your eye, then you need to take positive action and send her an email and show her your interest.

You dont want to die wondering, do you? Let your imagination roam freely about what life would be like with this sexy young thing. Nothing to lose, but look at the gains.