Getting your passport processed in India can often be a tedious process, depending on the state in which you reside. However, certain discrepancies may have come in your passport. We get a few queries asking us questions like a change of date of birth in the passport, How to change the date of birth on passport legally, etc. Well, the good news for you is that the correction or changing of the date of birth in Indian passport is definitely possible, in the event that a

However, the process is being continually modified by the Ministry of External Affairs, and it is ideal that you keep abreast with the latest developments in this area. Ideally, there should be no errors once your passport has been processed. However, if you do find an error, we recommend that you go to your Regional Passport Office at the earliest, since there is a prescribed time limit on making changes to your passport.

In an ideal world, there should be no errors in your newly issued Indian passport if you have submitted all the necessary documents on time. However, the sad reality is that such errors are more common than you think. After going through the entire process of applying, submitting all your documents, the police verification at your place of residence, etc., it is indeed heartbreaking when you have an error in your passport. These errors might come about because of two major reasons, which are listed below:

How To Check For Discrepancies in Your Passport?

As soon as you receive your passport, we highly recommend that you cross-check all the details in the passport. This includes your name, your date of birth, your parents and/or spouses name, your permanent address and the place of your birth. Even if you find slight spelling errors, make sure that you approach your passport office at the earliest to get it corrected.

Is Change in Date of Birth Possible in Indian Passport

An application for re-issue of passport in respect of change in personal particulars will have to be submitted for changingthe dateof birth in India passport. If the error was from passport authority, then a new passport is issued with the correct DOB without any fee. If the error was from the applicant then they charge a fee of rs.500 for issuing a new passport with the corrected DOB.

An incorrect Date of Birth on a passport would have to be corrected within five years of the passport issued. The applicant should apply for re-issue of passport.

An ordinary passport is issued with a 10-year validity, except when the applicant is minor. unless specified at the time of applying for renewal, a fresh passport is issued without any change in the personal particulars

The new rule states that an applicant must provide a copy of a bona fide birth certificate to get the date of birth changed.

Time Limit For Changing Date of Birth in Passport

The Ministry of External Affairs has put a time limit on changing your date of birth in the Indian passport. Since the passport is usually only valid for ten years after the date of issue, discrepancies in the passport must be brought to the notice of concerned officials within five years of the date of issue of your passport. However, we recommend that you do not wait much. You should approach the concerned officials at the earliest in order to change the details in your Indian passport.

Fee For Changing your Date Of Birth On An Indian Passport

This depends on who made the error in your passport. If you have submitted documents that show an incorrect date of birth at the time of application, you will be charged a fee for re-issuing your passport. However, if the error was due to a mistake on the part of the Passport Issuing Authority, then you will not be charged any fees, and the errors will be corrected free of cost.

Documents Required to Change your Date Of Birth

One of the following documents should be submitted by you to change your date of birth on the Indian passport:

Original Passport with the correct date of birth

An amendment issued by any competent authority, like Municipal authorities or Education Board authority

A court order issued by a judicial officer of the 1st Class Magistrate or above

What Happens If You Fail To Change Your Date Of Birth Within Five Years of Issuing The Indian Passport?

If you have failed to report a discrepancy, like the wrong date of birth within five years, the PIA will not entertain your request. You will no longer be allowed to apply for re-issue of your passport.

What Happens If It Is Found That You Had Submitted Fake Documents?

In the event, it is discovered that you had submitted fake, forged, or incomplete documents while applying for your passport, your application fee or penalty charged will not be refunded. Further, legal action will be taken against you, as per the provisions of the Passport Act.

Now that you know how to change the date of birth on your passport legally, you need not worry. The wrong DOB in a passport is more common than you think, and thecorrection of date of birth in Indian passportis not a very complicated process. We hope you have found answers to some frequently asked questions like, is changing the date of birth in passport possible? We hope this article has made the correction of date of birth in Indian passport easier for you.

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