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I went on a date with a beautiful girl today. For the first time ever.

I went on a date with a beautiful girl today. For the first time ever.

I just asked her if she wanted to go out and she said yes. I dominated the conversation, too. Id be very surprised if shes not my girlfriend by next week. Were already planning on another date.

Im a Senior right now and when my dad found out about the date he said to me I remember freshman year when you said that no woman on earth will ever want to date you and it made me burst into tears. Life really changes and thats mostly due to NoFap.

Just an advice, drop the expectation that shes your gf within a week. She might find someone more attractive or you may.

You may fuck up big time, she might move or whatever.

Im not trying to be negative Im just trying to say be outcome independent. Anything can happen, and you knowing youll be fine no matter what gives an unmatched inner confidence that makes you more attractive.

Fine if it happens, fine if it doesnt. Every time

Good advice. Dont count your chickens before they hatch. Be patient

Outcome independent is a great phrase. Every guy needs to be taught this in his young life.

Also whats the rush to label? Have fun, it is what it is, and see where it goes. You push and you rush and you dont have fun anymore.

I do know Ill be fine no matter what. Ive got backup plans, and Im sure she does too because shes friends with a lot of guys.

Its one of those, She had a penis situations. Its not that its too good to be true, but to have such high hopes and be let down has happened to me way too many times to count that I have become so independent that whenever I start talking to a girl, I am always smitten but think about the times Ive been so alone and it kinda helps to cope with the fear that she may have a penis.

This was a tough lesson for me to learn. I went on a date with a gf-tier girl at the beginning of summer, for the first time after 3 years. Went great! But on the day of our 2nd date she tells me shes not ready – I find out later a guy she was seeing before that came back around.

Really hurt my confidence, because I had that little voice in my head telling me its because she thought I was unattractive. Despite the fact we made out and she paraded me around in public! And it also sucks because many of my friends just had their relationships work out, first girl they meet, becomes gf – when in reality, thats not statistically likely

Hopefully anyone reading this has better self esteem than me, but you cant let your ego get to you. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that maybe there WASNT anything wrong except plain luck, and maybe you have to acceptnot knowingthe real answer. that was a big one for me

That actually happened to me …. Messed me up for weeks but yeah dont get too serious about it

THIS! This is the most sound advice. I also want to add that if the worst happens the best thing to do is to learn, move on, and do it again. If OP can go on a date with this beautiful girl, chances are it will happen again with another girl of the same attractiveness or greater.

I agree my friend. I also ask girls out but I have no expectations. Just let things flow. If nothing works out, I may feel a bit sad, but will defo move on

Dont worry, haha. She talked plenty too, and obviously enjoyed herself. I just meant that I didnt have a hard time keeping the conversation running.

If she wants to go on another date then he obviously was exaggerating when he said that haha

Actually this is very good for both sides if male side dominating .

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