Ever noticed that more and more men marry hot Russian brides instead of going for their local matches? More importantly, that matches made over a dating website seem to last longer and be happier than couples formed locally, the old-fashioned way? There is a perfectly viable reason for that, and if we had to dumb it down, wed say that beautiful Russian brides simply make better wives than most Western ladies. Read on to find out why and of course how to meet Russian women online safely and without too much effort.

First, however, we will have to debunk some myths about Russian mail order brides as, unfortunately, these gorgeous ladies still face a fair share of prejudice. Even as international online dating grows popular, a lot of single men still have seconds thoughts about finding their perfect match aboard. Here are just some ridiculous stereotypes Russian women brides have to put up with.

They are interested in relocation, not in finding a husband

. This could not be farther from the truth because present-day Russia is a pretty advanced country both culturally and economically. Russian brides are not after your Green Card, and neither they care too much about your money. What they are genuinely interested in is finding a loving husband because even statistically it gets tough for them to look for a suitable match at home. The global female population is a bit lesser than male demographics, and in Russia, this ratio is very unevenly skewed.

. Once again, this is not true. You cannot buy a Russian bride either with flashy gestures or with actual money. These women are great judges of character, and they are looking for a reliable partner to spend their life with. That is exactly why they use dating services with all seriousness and would not rush such serious decisions as getting married. All beautiful Russian women you meet on these websites will be as serious about finding a good match as you are.

They will divorce you as soon as they get a chance

. Once again false; most marriages formed via mail order Russian brides sites last longer and have very low divorce rates, especially if compared to traditional marriages, formed onsite. Since online dating offers both parties a chance to weigh all pros and cons, the chances of making a mistake are lower, and the marriages tend to be more successful.

. This, of course, will depend on the foreigner, but most Russian women for marriage have kind and easy-going personalities that make them amazing wives. Besides, it has been proven that cross-cultural couples find it easier to mind their partners feelings and cultural peculiarities simply because they do not take another persons thoughts and motivations as something self-explanatory. So, partners from different backgrounds do more talking than sulking and arguing, and live happier family lives as a result.

Cross-cultural couples may live happier lives, but will your life with a Russian lady necessarily be happier than it already is? In other words, do Russian women make good wives? Are they worth the effort of registering with some Russian brides club? Our opinion yes, they are definitely worth it. But judge for yourself:

Hot Russian women are more than pretty faces. Most of these ladies have higher education and impressive careers, which is why you should not be surprised if some pretty young girl also happens to be a physicist or a skilled surgeon. Russian girls enjoy all the benefit of a profound education system, and their curious minds urge them to explore many subjects after theyve passed all the necessary exams. So, Russian wives will also be great conversation partners and can even teach you a thing or two.

At the same time, you should not imagine Russian mail order wives as some nerds with prestigious university degrees. They are, indeed, educated and can hold very impressive jobs, but this does not mean they dont know how to have fun. In fact, Russians love to party, and your beautiful wife will always have some pretext for celebration no matter if its a major holiday, like Christmas, or some other day you would not have otherwise noticed for example, the day when the first rocket ever was launched to space or the day of equal female rights. Some of these weird celebrations will have to do with their upbringing and traditions, but most of the time, Russian women just want to live every day like its special. And it is!

Russian brides may love to party, but it does not mean parties matter more than their family lives. In fact, even single Russian women are savvy homemakers because they are brought up with the idea that women are always responsible for households. So, no lady from Russia will live in a messy home or eat semi-cooked products. And, when she does get married, she will invest plenty of time and effort into household errands; more importantly, she will not see it as a sacrifice of sorts and will not be complaining about running all domestic routine. For her, this is a standard situation in the family even if she has a full-time job. A tip: if you appreciate her efforts and offer her a hand now and then, shell love you till the end of times.

The most important thing about Russian wives is that they eventually make great mothers. In Russian culture, its quite common to teach kids some basic independence skills from an early age. So, if you will not see Russian mommy nursing her child till adolescence. Instead, she will be patiently telling her kids how this world works and urge the little ones to come to their own decisions. She will teach them the importance of responsibility and the consequences of every action, but she will not assume an authoritative a parent always knows better approach.

Even as you date Russian women online or onsite youll notice how kind and compassionate they are. Over their turbulent history, Russians have learned how important a community is and how essential it is to be on good terms with their friends and neighbors. For example, a Russian will never call the police when neighbors are having a loud party next door. If they cannot join the party, theyd rather ask the neighbors to hush the volume.

When one of their friends or relatives has a problem, they will do everything possible to offer a hand. If not, they will at least emotionally support each other. Of course, a lucky husband is entitled to even more emotional support at home; so, if you have some problems at work, she will listen attentively and help whenever she can.

You can find plenty of Russian brides online, but when looking for a perfect wife, we strongly suggest using a reliable dating agency. Finding one should not be too difficult because there are plenty of totally legitimate brides services that will introduce you to hundreds of eligible ladies, making sure the whole dating experience runs smoothly for you. Such sites will run on a commercial basis, but their service fees are generally quite moderate (most men spend around $50 a month, sometimes even less). Besides, there are several important reasons why gentlemen should choose in favor of paid websites:

Commercial websites invest in security and profile verification

: this one reason is already enough to spend a couple of buck per months. Absolutely all profiles on legitimate sites are verified. So, you know that all beautiful Russian women on such websites are real people, eligible for marriage. More than that, plenty of sites continue to run regular background checks to ensure all accounts are managed by the same brides who registered with their service.

Paid services maintain their sites and ensure enjoyable user experience

: when you create a profile with a professional dating website, youll notice that all profile pictures are also highly professional. Thats exactly how its supposed to be, so dont rush into thinking that brides are some photo-shopped models. They are real ladies, but the website management supplies them with a photo shoot to make sure all profiles look presentable. For the same reason, you will not see any blank or barely comprehensive accounts the site urges ladies to fill in all profile fields, and if they lack English skills to write profile descriptions independently, they are given a translator. Finally, adequately managed websites are glitch-free and offer plenty of interactive features users will enjoy.

Commercial sites offer a set of extra services no free website will ever guarantee

: most importantly, professional brides sites can take you all the way from registering with the service to marrying your ideal match. Unlike free websites that bear little or zero responsibility for their users dating experience, paid platforms can help you arrange trips, find cheap flights and book local accommodation, supply travelers with guides and interpreters, and help with any legal paperwork a newly-wed couple may need. Of course, such services come at an extra price, but you have a chance to make use of those if you need to.

Features that indicate a reliable dating website

Now, the question is how do you choose a dating website that is as legitimate as it claims to be? The following aspects usually point at a reliable service:

: if the site asks you money to register, you should better avoid it. Most reputable platforms allow people to join for free so that they could make an informed decision on whether they want to stay.

: there are thousands of Russian brides online, so it would be impossible to filter through all of their profiles without a sophisticated search system. Make sure the site gives you a chance to play along with these settings before paying a single cent. Search algorithms have to include many parameters, from appearance and occupation to habits and lifestyle.

: even when you set very specific search parameters, you will still see plenty of profiles that match your criteria. A reputable site will allow at least some kind of preview a picture, some basic description, etc.

: if you like what you see and are determined to get in touch with one of these ladies, youll be expected to pay for a membership. Some sites may offer a couple of trial messages, but most of the time, all communication means are reserved for paying members. So, it may be wise to take a good look at the websites pricing policy. It should be clear whats included in each subscription type or how much each separate service costs (if the site charges on a per-service basis, which is also an option).

: finally, it would not hurt to research what other people have to say about this website. You can find plenty of customer reviews on social media and dedicated review sites. Most of the time, actual reviews will be quite different from praising testimonials the company posts on their main website page. However, they should give a better picture of the sites pros and cons, so take some time to do your homework.

When you find a dating agency that offers all of the above features, you can safely join and start flirting with hot Russian women. Take your time to determine which of them is your perfect bride get ready to live your happily ever after.

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