I thought you said you would fight for me Kyle? Thats what you told me. You said you would fight for me and now youre just walking away?! I argued vehemently, making him remember what he said to me when I was in hospital. Babe do you even want me to fight for you huh? How do I even fight for someone who doesnt even know what she wants?! He retorted angrily. I was confused okay? I already explained to you why I kissed him and I have apologized countless times. What more do you want from me?! Amaya Walsh had it all. She was a self-made billionaire and one of the most powerful women. She could get any man that she wanted but she was single but not searching and it was a well known fact that she didnt do relationships..until that all changed when she met the most unlikely person in the most unlikely place..only problem was he only did relationships. ****I do not own the rights to the cover photo*

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Alena Griffin has an uncontrollable lure towards forbidden, impossible and unattainable. That is how she finds herself in one of the most reputable business companies in London, searching for a job, despite the fact that the very same company doesnt employ women. Alena is determined to be the first woman to ever be hired in Northern Empire. There is only one obstacle standing in her way – the arrogant, cold and alluring owner of the company himself. Highest ranking 29 in Billionaire Cover by @whithney_hwee

366 in young adult -9.5.2018 thank you guys. love you all Aimee Sofia Edris, who once adapted tomboyish attitude to hide her demon. But one day her world shattered and crumbled to her feet. Adha, the man she love, the man for whom she changed herself cheated on her. Emraan Sofwan. Owner of Sofwan hotel chain fall in love twice. the first was only one sided love. the girl doesnt even know that he loves her secretly. When he love again, the woman that he thinks he loves ran away on their wedding day. He is known as ruthless and intimidating in the world of business. One fine night. The Universe play a game of fate. The fate brings them together facing each other in a way that both of them never imagine. both of them have their own demon in the past. Will the demons of their past bring them together or break them apart . ================================================================================= A/N this story is the outcome of my imigination. it is a work of my own and i dont allow any one to translate or copy this story to other platform. it is a work of fiction cover by @saraxcxnikh. 2. English is not my native spoken or written language. please forgive me in advance for any spelling or grammar mistake. 3. this is the first time im writing on wattpad. i used to write story in my teen years and my friends was my fan . hahahahah. its kind of a way for me to release my stress or disappointment . 4. please bear in mind that this is my first story and do give positive comments and comments that will make my writing better next time. please give this story a chance. thank you. 5. Any person of any belief can read this story.

An accident that changes everything for Catherine Stone. When the famous billionaires son Dario Simpson is met with an accident and is in a state the doctor called the vigil paralysis, the only way to ensure he wakes up was for her to agree to Mr Devons deal to pretend to be Darios fiance. She needed the money and all she had to do was act. What she didnt expect was to find love in the billionaires mansion.

[COMPLETED] Ranks : 14 on 30/11/18 (category : Ex) 17 on 29/6/19 ( category : adultromance) 57 on 29/6/19 ( category: Suspense) Excerpt : I cant believe they chose you!, I said. Oh, so you think I knew about all this? Marrying you was the last thought in my mind , he spoke coldly. Look, if we are marrying each other, we have to find a way to stand each other. I cant take any more troubles in my life. So after this whole marriage thing, lets just travel our own paths, not shoving our noses into each others business. Deal? , I asked hoping hed say yes. Deal, he said with a smirk as long as you truly keep yourself to only yourself. I narrowed my eyes and said As if. and walked away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ashley Payne had the perfect life. A nice family, with a cute sister, loving mother, protective father, a straight A student, and the best boyfriend in town, Liam Anderson. Both the families knew each other very well, going to Sunday brunches and weekend tours together. But everything comes to a stand-still on one night, at a party, when she finds him in bed with another girl. Two years later, after she has made herself earn a secure place in one of the top and finest clothing brand company, locking away the secret and hurt deep inside her heart. But now Liam is back. And this time its for the worse. Revenge is all they see and all that they want. But when Liam proposes marriage, Ashley is not ready to back out in order to prove herself. The marriage does bring them close, making Ashley question the truth of the past, but with enemies lurking around, how long can they stay together ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N : Its my first book and hence Im just getting accustomed to all the new things on Wattpad. So please bear with me on this journey 3 Love, Candy ❤️ thelitawards2019

She just needed the money to get by through college… He needed a nanny for his two kids….. But fate had other ideas… ************************************ Dhahabu Lanji or just Dee for short had moved from Kenya to Germany on a full paid scholarship to the university of Berlin. However she needed a way to earn extra cash not only for her upkeep but also to send back to her family in Kenya. So when she gets shortlisted for an interview as a nanny and the pay was amazing she didnt think twice about it. Alexander Rodriguez was a hot sexy billionaire who was both feared and loved for his ruthless nature. And when he wasnt being a ruthless businessman, he was a doting father at home. With the love of his life dead, leaving him with a ten year old daughter and a nine year old son, he moved to Germany looking to start a fresh with them. However he cant always be at home and so he sets up an interview for a nanny. Their meeting can only be explosive with mixed emotions mingling. Will they fight against all odds and have a happy ever after?

Ella Maria is a women, the strongest woman for going through a rocky life. Because of some courage, she then decided to do whats best for her and her sons life. She left. She built a new life with her son, struggling to have a better life. She met Marcel, a billionaire that have everything except love. Will Marcel accept her when she suddenly walked in to his life with a problems followed?

A wife who is force into this marriage and a arrogant husband. how there relationship will work

Violet Preston has what every girl desires-wealth, beauty, brains and talent. However, Violet is cold, distant, antisocial, short fused, and a total ice princess. Haunted by a tragic past, she has hardened her heart for the worse. Eli Desmond is wealthy, mysterious, attractive, rebellious, and a total bad boy. He is a closed book who refuses to open. So what happens when the two find each other? Well, lets just say its not all rainbows and unicorns. Their non-stop bickering will drive you insane, but their rare bonding moments will melt your heart. Join their journey as they constantly bicker, fight, laugh, love, and break down each others walls.

Having a crush on the Billionaires son is a rule that cant be broken,we werent allow to have any love interests with his son for anyone who lives in a low class or anyone who isnt a Billionaire like Mr.Zhong. No girl who isnt at the same level as Mr. Zhongs son couldnt be able to date,talk, nor be friends with since its a rule Mr. Zhong made for the students at school. Abigail Lovelis a 17 year old girl who works her butt off to support her mother and two younger siblings, meets the billionaires sweet yet charming son Zhong Chenle. Knowing the rules of falling in love with a Zhong was risky and forbidden for people like her, but those rules dont apply to the billionaires son.

Book II Broken and lost, Liana moved all the way to Seattle to become the Manager in her best friends New Cafe . Opportunity flooding her way is overwhelming her, she meets Oliver again and this time he was no longer the warm Oliver she met before. He was distant and cold and most importantly he was arrogant. Their two souls once broken, reached out to one another, but Lianas denial was stronger.Liana thought that Oliver was making everything harder for her, but in fact he was doing the opposite. They decided to let each other go, but it seem like fate have something else for them. With Liana getting an opportunity to publish her first comic book, with meeting a crazy woman in love with Oliver will they be able to work out again or will Lianas denial be stronger and break them again? Find out by adding this book to your reading lists/library. This is the second book to the Beautiful series If you havent read our book, Beautiful You- Book 1. You can find that book in our profile and support us again. Thank you for your support! This book have copyright ©️