15 Awesome Women Who Outshine Their Billionaire Partners

Flavia Sampaio has been dating Eike Batista, Brazils richest man, for 4 years.

These billionaire wives and girlfriends are no bimbos.Despite having access to all the money in the world, these women write novels, start companies, edit magazines and practice law.

In addition to their brains and entrepreneurship, many also happen to be gorgeous.

From the talented and beautiful Dasha Zhukova to the inquisitive and stylish Princess Ameera of Saudi Arabia, its no wonder billionaires wanted to date these incredible women.

Why shes awesome:Thegorgeous Dashais an entrepreneur, magazine editor and fashion designer. Shes opened a contemporary art museum and her fashion labelrecently announceda collaboration with Urban Outfitters.

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Why shes awesome:Seymouris a former supermodel who has appeared on the cover ofVogueand in many Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. Shes also appeared on television and movies.

Why shes awesome:Hayek has anOscar nominationfor the film Frieda and is starring in the recently-released Savages with Blake Lively. She also does philanthropy through UNICEF, helping raise awareness for child vaccines.

Why shes awesome:Princeton-educated Noorhas devoted her life to educating the world on Islam and Arab relations. Shes also published two books and served as an ambassador to the United Nations.

Why shes awesome: Nita isco-ownerof the Mumbai Indians cricket team and is actively involved in fundraising for the blind, education and disaster relief.

Why shes awesome:Besides her stunning good looks,Sampaiois a lawyer who does social work to benefit her home country of Brazil.

Why shes awesome:Anneis a biotech analyst with degrees from Stanford and Yale. She cofounded 23andMe, a service that provides rapid genetic testing.

Why shes awesome:Mackenzie is a best-selling novelist who won the National Book Award forThe Testing of Luther Albright. She has a degree from Princeton, and she and Jeffrecently donated$15 million to the schools neuroscience program.

Why shes awesome:Irina is thehead trainerfor the Russian rhythmic gymnastics team. Shes also known for her fashion sense and taste in art.

Why shes awesome:Al Waleed toldForbesthat Ameeradoesnt wearthe elaborate jewelry available to her, preferring simpler pieces. Shes furthering her education and has American professors teach her and other women classes in the royal compound.

Why shes awesome:Priscillarecently got her degree in medicine and plans to be a pediatrician. Despite being married to one of the worlds richest men, she had a low-key wedding with Zuckerberg and picked out anoff-the-rack dress.

Why shes awesome:Susan is anelite-level athletewho has competed in the Iron Man triathlons. Shes also the chairwoman of the fashion label Phi, which has appeared in Vogue.

While shes awesome:Dengused to runone of Murdochs television channels in China. She also serves on the board for New Yorks Fund For Public Schools.

Why shes awesome:Anne has a Harvard MBA and has worked at Goldman Sachs. She founded Aragon Global, a $160 million asset hedge fund.

Why shes awesome:In addition to her model-worthy looks, Southworth is a doctoral student at Stanford. Shes done medical work in South Africa and has also studied at Oxford and the University of Pennsylvania.

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