Wealthiest Female Billionaires? Lets get started!

Guys, you know that females rule too, right? Lets see the ones that did so good to make into the top 10Wealthiest Female Billionaires.

These women of this year list broke a record that stands out from the previous years lists. Not long ago women didnt had the right to even vote, but that changed (thank GOD!).

In the present days women are not only allowed to vote but also are allowed to be the head of their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Is true, us women, we are still underestimated by the male population. But with the help of these girls- the richest women billionaires- we can hope to change their minds.

Somehow these females managed to overcome all the obstacles and rose above all on their pile of money.

Check the article next and see how these girls made their fortune and what makes them a part of the10 Wealthiest Female Billionaires.

First she stated as worker at Hapers Bazaar magazine and at Vera Wang, where she spend quite some time there. That was all she needed to found her own empire.

She founded her own fashion label called TRB by Tory Burch also known as Tory Burch. Now the label has stores in almost all the countries, 100 of stores and her fashion line is carried at over 1,000 specialty stores around the world.

Burch also put some money into her account when she sold her ex-husbands stake in her company. The sale was an opportunity for everyone, including the company which was valued at nearly $3.3 billion.

See girls, you can do it! She is now on 10thplace in our top.

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